Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday... To Me!

So I celebrated my birthday just recently, Friday July 8th.  Thank GOD that I have been blessed with another day.  Words cannot express how lovely it was to get birthday wishes.  The older I get it is the little things that mean the most.  Funny.  When I was younger, much younger I wanted to celebrate in grand style.  It never happened for me, but still always wished for something exciting and extravagant.  Now that I am forty one none of that kind of stuff matters.  I am thankful to have my health.  Last year on my birthday I was in the hospital having my second sinus surgery in the last three years.  I'm absolutely thankful to have my voice... that is a long story.   And thankful for a second chance at living out the purpose GOD has planned for me.  In addition I have an amazing daughter who turns twenty two today and wonderful friends who love and care for me for me.  Not for the person that I was or the person that I may become, but for the person I AM.  That is important.  In the past I always considered myself an odd bird.  Never quite fitting in anywhere.  On the periphery and never in the "in crowd".  These days I own who I am, faults and all, good and bad.  My life has been, lets say, challenging.  But I have always believed that GOD has a better plan for me, despite the hardships I have faced.  And on my birthday I thank my Lord and Savior for loving me, protecting me and always blessing me.  Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Sidekick

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I love dogs, especially my two year old maltipoo named Coco.  Not to say I don't care for cats, but when I was a little kid a cat scratched me in the face when I went up to say hi.  Ever since I've been afraid of cats.  All it takes is one bad experience. Right? 

Well Coco is my go to girl, she hangs with me literally everywhere.  Since she loves to hang with me and be around people she knows she has to be really good, and she is.  All I have to say to her is "ok, let's go" and she knows it's time to run or ride.  If we go running she keeps pace with me step for step regardless of my pace.  Whenever we go for a drive and get to a location, I place her in my purse and I walk in.  More often then not, no one ever realizes I have a dog in my purse.  Most people think I'm some nut carrying a stuffed animal in my bag.  I think that is funny because I'm not five.  And when people finally realize she's a real dog, they gush over her.  Many times people ask to see her, so I pull her out of my purse like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  People are amazed at how quiet she is.  I tell them if she wants to tag along she knows she had got to be good.  Well behaved and polite.  That is why I feel there is no way I can return to ABC 33/40 and not make Coco part of the family there as well.  I have made some preliminary introductions to many of my coworkers and most all think she is adorable.  All except for maybe one person.  This one person... let's say her name is Tiffany.   Well, Tiffany is not drinking the Coco cool-aid.  Nope, not having it.  But I tell her, Coco will make you fall in love with her.  Tiffany will just look at me with that look you know, and say I don't think so.  I'll keep you posted on that one. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm back

How exciting to be back in Birmingham.  I hope you'll join me weekday mornings as I re-discover Central Alabama.  Let's start the morning together on "Good Morning Alabama" starting at 4:30am.  Then at 9am tune in to "Talk of Alabama".  I plan on having a good time... do you?

But really, let's talk... let's get to know each other.  My only request is that we keep it all PG13, if you get my drift.  If you are HOT about something, let me know.  If something inspires you let me know.  If you know of something newsworthy or impressive, share it.  And certainly if it's something to make us all laugh, you've got to give it up and share.  My point, if it's on your mind don't hold back.  We can agree or agree to disagree.  Enlighten me.  There's still so much I do not know.

While technology is not my forte I am all for the social media revolution.  Soon, you can check me out on the ABC 33/40 website.   I have also created a new Maggie Poteau Facebook page where we can all become friends. Or you can tweet me.  Sound off on Twitter @Maggie Poteau